Bulk shipments are the greener alternative. More then double the amount of a product can be shipped in one ISO Tank compared to a 20-foot container filled with individual bottles. Other environmental benefits include:

    • By decreasing transportation costs per litre shipped, carbon emissions can reduce by up to 50%


    • Shipping in bulk allows reductions of approximately 45% in Nitrogen Oxide and sulphur Dioxide (SO2) compared to shipping pre-packed goods.


    • Bottling in the country of sale is reducing the amount of glass bottles imported and encourages recycling of glass.


    • Packaging in the end market allows more flexibility for changes; reducing waste due to last minute modifications to the product, bottle or label.


    • Transporting tanks by rail instead of road when possible, reduces the impact on climate change.


    • ISO Tanks are purpose built and reused time and time again, there is nothing to dispose of unlike flexi tanks and there are no breakages that are to be expected when shipping in bottles.