26,000 Litre ISO tanks

We currently have 1815 stainless steel ISO tanks in our ever-growing fleet that each carry up to 26,000 litres of liquid. All our tanks are fully insulated to keep your product at a more stable temperature when compared to other modes of bulk liquid transportation. Thanks to the low valve position, our tanks are 100% dischargeable so there is no product left over once emptied, and of course no flexi bag to dispose of, providing a more cost effective and greener transport solution.



25,000 litre beer ISO tanks

Our 25,000 litre beer tanks are primed for the transportation of your favourite tipple, and are fitted with manometers, sterile sample points and can be pressurised up to 2 ATM.


25,000 Litre 3 Compartment ISO tanks

Also in our fleet we have a number of 25,000 litre split compartment tanks. These are particularly popular with customers who wish to move smaller or mixed quantities of different products for new product launches/blending etc. Each tank is comprised of two 10,000 litre end sections, separated by a 5,000 litre central compartment.

All our tanks are meticulously cleaned and undergo rigorous periodic testing and maintenance to ensure they comply with international regulations. When combined with our strict policy of only carrying drinks, wines and spirits, we can ensure that the risk of contamination and oxidation is greatly reduced.

Paltank 3 Pot Tank

For more ISO tank specification and information including example reports, please click the images below