Litres = 1x ISO Tank
£ per container Savings of CCT
Up to 6 Weeks* Increased Shelf Life
Up to 50% Reduced Carbon Emissions

Greener and cleaner

In each of our 20ft, 26,000 litre ISO tanks, we transport the equivalent of 34,666 bottles of wine.

To transport the same volume of wine bottled would take 3 x 20ft containers! That’s three times the cost, and three times the CO2 emissions! Shipping in ISO tanks, and therefore bottling at destination also encourages the use of recycled green glass, and the production of lighter glass bottles.

CCT Savings

Alcohol entering the UK from non-EU sources will be liable to common customs tariff (CCT), which is levied at a lower rate for containers exceeding two litres in capacity. This can generate CCT savings of up to £800 per container!


Extended shelf life

Shipping in ISO tanks also extends the shelf life of the product, as it is bottled closer to market. This means that Australian wines bottled in the UK will extend their shelf life by 6 weeks when compared to wines bottled at origin.

Multimodal – Reliable, Quick, Environmentally friendly

By transporting our ISO tanks by rail to local transport hubs and delivering by truck for the final leg of the journey, we save up to 80% on carbon emissions, whilst also offering a timetabled, predictable delivery time. This can be invaluable when handling just in time deliveries and allow our clients to plan their supply chain efficiently, especially when compared to the often unpredictable motorway systems.