Paltank offers bespoke services as we understand that all our customers have different deadlines and requirements. Depending on your needs we can cover the shipping terms you require by organising trucking, loading, collection, shipping and delivery, as well as customs clearance, insurance and feeder connections. We have the experience, relationships and resources to ensure all aspects will be expertly taken care of. 

The following Incoterms are the most commonly used, yet at PalTank, we do not restrict ourselves to only these terms:

Ex-Works – the buyer is responsible for organising and paying for the whole process, from collecting product from origin through to delivery after the import. PalTank is able to do this effortlessly in partnership with agents, hauliers and shipping lines across the world.


Free on Board (FOB) – the supplier is responsible financially and logistically to get the product onto the allocated vessel. From the point it is loaded on the vessel, the responsibility of the tank is transferred to the buyer and all importing duties need to be arranged by the buyer. PalTank excel in FOB orders and can oversee sailing itineraries, organise all import procedures along with delivery of your product.

The following chart explains the distribution of costs and responsibility for all International Commercial Terms, defined and regulated by the International Chamber of Commerce.

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