Please see below information as a guideline for ocean freight transit times on some of our most popular routes.

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Departing United Kingdom, into:

Europe: Zeebrugge 12 Hours**
South Africa: Cape Town/Durban 22/28 Days**
Australia: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide 43/41/39/47 Days **
North America: New York/Norfolk/Baltimore 9/12/11 Days **


Departing Europe (Rotterdam), into:

United Kingdom: Teesport 2 Days**
South Africa: Cape Town/Durban 23/29 Days**
Australia: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide 36/37/33/36 Days **


Departing Australia (Adelaide), arrival into:

South Africa: Cape Town/Durban 42/38 Days**
United Kingdom: Felixstowe/Teesport 44/53 Days**
Europe: Rotterdam/Antwerp 48/50 Days **


Departing New Zealand (Nelson), arrival into:

South Africa: Cape Town/Durban 45/40 Days**
United Kingdom: Felixstowe/Teesport 45/56 Days**
Europe: Rotterdam/Antwerp 47/52 Days **


Departing South Africa (Cape Town), arrival into:

United Kingdom: London Gateway/Teesport 19/23 Days**
Europe: Rotterdam/Antwerp 17/26 Days**
New Zealand: Auckland 64 Days **


Departing North America (Savannah), arrival into:

Europe: Rotterdam/Antwerp 15/14 Days**
Australia: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane 30/33/44 Days **
South Africa: Cape Town/Durban 39/31 Days **

** Scheduled times are estimated sailing times, not specific to departure and arrival ports and do not incorporate booking, loading and delivery times , delays, current sea conditions including weather conditions, strikes or shipping laws.

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